I will be a guest author at NOLA StoryCon! Join us on September 30 through October 2, 2016 for lots of fun, book talk, dinner, and signings! 


 New YA Fantasy is available wherever books or ebooks are sold!


New Adult contemporary romance, Played, is out!


The urban fantasy series The Demon's Gate is out now!


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Jeanette Battista's books on Goodreads
Leopard Moon Leopard Moon (Moon, #1)
reviews: 166
ratings: 1164 (avg rating 3.82)

Jackal Moon Jackal Moon (Moon, #2)
reviews: 43
ratings: 283 (avg rating 3.95)

Hyena Moon Hyena Moon (Moon, #3)
reviews: 23
ratings: 186 (avg rating 4.01)

Hunter Moon Hunter Moon (Moon, #4)
reviews: 16
ratings: 110 (avg rating 4.07)

Long Black Veil Long Black Veil
reviews: 5
ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.31)