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Jeanette Battista is the award winning and Amazon best selling young adult author of The Moon Series, Long Black Veil, and The Demon’s Gate series. She received her MA in English literature with a concentration in medieval studies. She loves words, weapons, and epic fantasy. She believes Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings should be classified as a gateway drug. She was a technical writer and project manager before leaving the private sector to write what the voices in her head tell her fulltime. She believes raisins are the devil’s mischief and that brownies should never have nuts in them. She lives and works in North Carolina.

Jeanette is represented by Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg at the D4EO Literary Agency.

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Jeanette Battista's books on Goodreads
Leopard Moon Leopard Moon (Moon, #1)
reviews: 166
ratings: 1164 (avg rating 3.82)

Jackal Moon Jackal Moon (Moon, #2)
reviews: 43
ratings: 283 (avg rating 3.95)

Hyena Moon Hyena Moon (Moon, #3)
reviews: 23
ratings: 186 (avg rating 4.01)

Hunter Moon Hunter Moon (Moon, #4)
reviews: 16
ratings: 110 (avg rating 4.07)

Long Black Veil Long Black Veil
reviews: 5
ratings: 13 (avg rating 4.31)